Architect Umberto Tari Capone, owner of the studio, was born in Isola del Liri (FR) on 24.03.1948.

Upon completion of high school he enrolled in the the Faculty of Architecture of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, where he graduated in 1973 with full marks. In 1982, having gained professional experience with ASA studio in Rome, he co-founded the firm Interconsult. Between 1972 and 1983 he assisted in teaching the architectural composition course of Prof. G. Perugini at the Faculty of Architecture in Rome. At the end of the teaching assignment he went to Quatar where he broadened his skills working with Architect . S. Giannantoni in the development of the first prototypes for military and public housing having won two different calls for bids from the government of Quatar: “2000 POPULAR HOUSES’ which required the construction of 2000 public houses and ‘600 ARMY HOUSES’ which required the construction of 600 residences for the army. Upon his return to Italy he parted ways with the studio in Rome and formed his own firm in Cassino, with the intent of furthering his interest in ‘large scale’ projects which would have been more difficult to do and experiment with in large metropolitan areas.

Commissioned by the Provincial Administration of Frosinone to coordinate a work group for the drafting of the Integrated Mediterranean Program of the province of Frosinone. Commissioned by the municipality of Naples to develop the plan for Russo I middle school in Pianura. Commissioned by the Ispredili and Consef consortia in the planning of consolidation and renvovation work in the historical center of Isola del Liri(FR).

Responsible for the dimensioning and positioning of the University of Basso Lazio together with Prof. G. Perugini and Architect G. De Santis. With engineers F. Gagliardi, F. Falese and architect G. Antonelli developed a detailed plan with with planovolumetric blueprints of the whole university complex.

Within the context of the same project, he oversaw the design of the Faculty of Engineering with F. Gagliardi and designed the new location for the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Economics and Commerce with engineers C. Casinelli and M. Sonnino.

Working in collaboration with the interior design studio David & Davis – London, he participated in the renovations of Hotel Eden in Via Ludovisi in Rome. Some ‘large scale’ projects developed in the years after, were selected as part of the the Territorial Pact of Frosinone (CIPE Decree 985/99).

Some of the most important public clients of Architect Umberto Tari Capone include:

  • Provincial Administration of Frosinone;
  • City of Rome;
  • City of Napoli;
  • City of Cassino (FR);
  • City of Sora (FR);
  • City of Sant’Elia Fiumerapido (FR);
  • Consortium for Industrial Development Areas in the province of Frosinone.

Some of the most important private clients of Architect Umberto Tari Capone include:

  • Trust Houses Group Ltd and Forte of Londra;
  • Alī Bin Hamad al-Attiyah Doha – Quatar;
  • Fintecna – Technical Services Inc.;
  • Italposte – Public Building Construction Inc.;
  • Cassinodue C.C. Spa;
  • The Longo Foundation;
  • Consef Consortium;
  • Ispredil Consortium;
  • C & R and partners.